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Private and business security will always be the leading reason for concern amongst South Africans. With an ever increasing crime rate, it is not very often that we can get a truly restful and peaceful sleep at night. We spend much of our time thinking about how to improve existing security or how to incorporate better security into new projects. House breaking and burglaries are the number one crime in South Africa. The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly contributed to the increase in crime as unemployment has heightened and people are resorting to more drastic measures to acquire money. With being faced with so much uncertainty at these current times, we cannot render ourselves vulnerable. The most sensible way forward would be to invest in good quality premium security barriers and here at Garage Door Supplies, we can provide you with just that.

Security barriers are by description, a component or mechanism which prevents/ restricts an intruder from gaining access or passage to your personal space. It is frequently used in residential and commercial properties to mitigate the risk of break-ins and robberies. Products such as trellis doors, burglar bars and roller shutters for both domestic and commercial purposes are security barriers. Such barriers are useful deterrents as it immediately discourages perpetrators from trying to gain access to your property.  Perpetrators prefer to target homes which have quick and easy entry and exit points, as it limits the amount of time they actually have to spend the property and in turn reduces the possibility of being caught. Along with having a physical deterrent and boundary, the barrier in place must be strong and able to withstand any external physical pressures. The Xpanda product range has been in existence since 1974, providing clients with custom and quality physical barriers to date. Their products are visually appealing, affordable and utilized across all industries.

Listed below are the security barriers available under the Xpanda range:

  1. Burglar bars

Unlocked windows and windows which are not barricaded windows are typically attractive opportunities to potential intruders. It provides easy entry into the home, especially if the windows are on the ground floor. Burglar bars are the most common security choice when it comes to windows, as it is essentially a metal framework with bars designed and installed to fit over your window. You can choose from three options which are SupaGuardTM window burglar bars, X- GuardTM window security bars and Clear VisionTM transparent burglar bars. The broad range, each designed with key and outstanding features allows you to choose the design option which best suits the needs of you and your family. The bar barriers are suitable for both aluminium and wooden frames and custom manufactured to smoothly fit into your living space. Much time and effort is placed into coming up with decorative design motifs which meets your security and aesthetic needs.

  1. Domestic and Commercial roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are common sights as a large number of businesses opt to have roller shutter security within malls and shopping complexes. This shutter door provides a strong barrier against would be criminals as the shutters are closely and securely fixed. Thus making them difficult to penetrate or remove. With a roller shutter range of six products, appealing to numerous needs and business conditions, it is not difficult to understand why roller shutters are increasing in popularity. Products include; ROL-A-DORTM roller shutters for home and commercial use, AluStyleTM aluminium shutters which are one of the first manufactured products back in 1974, Sectional Garage doors, fire shutter doors for industry, wicket shutters and sub-station doors. Whatever the style or usage requirements, you will surely find your perfect fit amongst this broad range we have on offer.

  1. Trellis security gates

Security gates are the most common and frequently used security measure. It is advisable to give security gates much thought and deliberation before making a selection. In most instances your security gate will be the only barrier between you and the perpetrator. It is therefore of utmost importance that it be of good quality, easy to use and effective. Predominantly utilized for private property in previous years, such gates have caught on to the commercial market with many business owners installing them on business and factory properties. When selecting a gate do ensure that the material is long lasting and not prone to rusting and deterioration with prolonged exposure to harsh weather. Although it is appealing to go with cheaper options, it is important to make a selection based on design structure and integrity. Not all security gates are manufactured alike and not all provide the security you would expect.

With over 40 years in the security industry, Xpanda has a great reputation for providing quality products time after time. If you are looking for suppliers of Xpanda products in KZN, contact us at Garage Door Supplies and we will assist you securing your home and loved ones.